What is detailing?

While cleaning a vehicle is a key part of detailing, detailing consists of much more than that. A quick wash at an automatic or hand car wash only washes the surface of your vehicle with very low quality soaps and acid cleaners in some cases. These remove any form of protection on your vehicle and expose it to the harmful elements. Also note that hand car washes often do more damage than good because of the use of improper washing techniques and old wash media.
At Ultimate Auto Care, we go in depth to properly clean and decontaminate the vehicles paint before correcting and protecting it. We only use the highest quality products and have experienced detailers using proper techniques to do so. Before even setting a date, we graciously take the time to sit down with every new customer and carefully explain each step of our services, their reasons and their benefits, thus giving the client a better understanding of the importance of our work and to help guide them in the right direction before choosing what service is right for them.

“Detailing is an art, not a cleaning service. Whether it be a Ferrari or a Ford, that car is someone’s pride and joy and deserves to be treated as such. Some works of art are worth millions, and to an owner, a car can be priceless. Having it professionally detailed is a small price to pay to have it properly restored and maintained.”

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